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Masters Program

The master esthetic curriculum and hours of instruction in this technology shall consist of 600 hours or equivalent credit hours.

Orientation, advanced business subjects-and infection control-
minimum of 45 hours of instruction


a. School policies and procedures
b. Professional ethics and practices
c. Ethics and professional conduct
d. Insurance and liability issues
e. Confidentiality and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 Privacy Rule (HIPAA)
f. Client records and documentation
g. Microbiology and bacteriology
h.Infection  control, disinfection, and sterilization
i. Occupation Safety and Health Administration, 
U.S. Food and Drug Administration and Material Safety Data Sheet 
j. Personal protective equipment


Advanced skin care and advanced modalities
minimum of 90 hours of instruction

a. Introduction to microdermabrasion and dermaplaning
and contraindications for crystal microdermabrasion
c. General procedures and safety measures for crystal 
d. Indications and contraindications for crystal
e. General procedures and safety measures for crystal
f. Equipment safety 
g. Waste disposal, Occupational Safety
h. Introduction to microdermabrasion techniques
i. Machine parts, operation, protocols, care, waste disposal
j. Practical application and consultation for crystal 
k. Practical application and consultation for crystal
l. Pretreatment and posttreatment for microdermabrasion

Lymphatic drainage-
minimum of 120 hours of instruction

a. Introduction to lymphatic drainage
b. Tissues and organs of the lymphatic system
c. Functions of the lymphatic system
d. Immunity
e. Etiology of Edema 
f.Indications and contraindications for lymphatic 
g. Lymphatic drainage manipulations and movements
h. Face and neck treatment sequence
i.Lymphatic drainage on the trunk and upper extremities
j. Machine -aided lymphatic drainage

Advanced anatomy and physiology -
minimum of 10 hours of instruction

a. Advanced anatomy and physiology
b. Advanced skin structure and functions
c. Advanced skin typing, and conditions
d. Advanced disease and disorders
e. Advanced cosmetic ingredients
f. Pharmacology 
g. Advanced homecare

Advanced procedures and chemical exfoliation
minimum of 270 hours of instruction

a.Advanced skin analysis and consultation and health 
b. Advanced procedures, light treatments, light-emitting diode, IPL
c. Advanced manual, machine, and electric treatments, microcurrent, and ultrasound
d. Introduction to chemical exfoliation and peels of the 
e.Fundamentals of skin care associated with chemical exfoliation and peels and wound healing 


Laws and Regulations

State laws, rules and regulations - minimum of 10 hours of instruction.

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