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Basic Program

The esthetics curriculum and hours of instruction in this technology shall consist of 600 hours or equivalent credit hours.

Orientation and business topics-minimum of 25 hours of instruction

a. School policies;
b. Management
c. Sales, inventory and retailing
d. Taxes and Payroll
e. Insurance
f. Client records and confidentiality
g. Professional ethics and practices

Applied Sciences-
minimum of 95 hours of instruction

a. Anatomy and physiology
b. Skin structure and function
c. Skin types 
d. Skin conditions 
e. Diseases and disorders of the skin


Skin Care-
minimum of 255 hours of instruction

a. Health screening
b. Skin analysis and consultation
c.Effleurage and related movements and manipulations of the face and body
d. Cleansing procedures 
e. Masks
f. Extractions 
g. Machines, , equipment and electricity
h. Manual facials and treatments
i. Machine, electrical facials and treatments
j. General procedures and safety measures


Hair Removal-
minimum of 50 hours of instruction

a. Types of hair removal
b. Wax types
c. Tweezing 
d. Chemical hair removal
e. Mechanical hair removal 
f. General procedures and safety measures

General Sciences-
minimum of 80 hours of instruction

a. Bacteriology
b. Microorganisms
c.Infection control, disinfection, sterilization
d. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirement
e. Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
f. General procedures and safety measures
h.Products and ingredients
i. Nutrition 

minimum of 65 hours of instruction

a. Setup, supplies and implements
b. Color theory
c. Consultation 
d. General and special occasion application
e. Camouflage
f. Application of false lashes and lash extensions
g.Lash and inting, Lash perming
h.Lightning of the hair on body except scalp
i. General procedures and safety measures

Body and other treatments-
minimum of 20 hours of instruction

a. Body treatments
b. ody wraps
c. Body masks
d. B ody scrubs
e. Aromatherapy
f. General procedures and safety measures


Laws and Regulations 

State laws, rules and regulations - minimum of 10 hours of instruction.

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